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You have many reasons to visit Istria any time of the year! Istria is a treasure trove of diversity, rich in natural beauty and picturesque coastline with numerous bays and clean beaches in the coastal area, and extra- temporal towns on hilltops in the countryside.

With its beautiful beaches, deep blue sea, fresh clean sea air, green areas and wooded hills, Rabac has become a major tourist resort on the eastern coast of Istria. With its fabulous white beaches, crystal- clear blue water and accessibility, it is particularly suitable for family vacation.


This lively and charming tourist town attracts tourists wishing to explore by offering numerous recreational activities throughout the year. Indulge yourself in a delicious ice cream, great cocktails, exquisite local wines, and enjoy the view of Rabac harbour. Have a family dinner in a restaurant by the sea or in a family tavern in the countryside where the local gastronomy certainly provides a pure pleasure.


Sentona's Trail

Many guests enjoy long walks both in the woods and along the coast, especially off season. Sentona’s trail is a well- known woodland trim trail that connects Rabac and Labin, leading along the forest and rapids, through the lush flora and fauna, to the bay of Maslinica.

Crystal clear sea

Widely famous Rabac beaches are awarded with the prestigious Blue Flag award, ensuring an excellent quality of the sea and great provision of services on the beaches. Rental of sunbeds and parasols as well as a great choice of water sports (e.g. water skiing, banana boat water sledding, tubing, and parasailing) are provided on beaches, whereas an inflatable water park is especially interesting for children.



What is so special about Istrian cuisine? The reasons are manifold. To begin with, it is rich in excellent fish, seafood and seasonal fruits; secondly, it is a unique blend of the inland and coast; the inevitable use of olive oil, and excellent wine varieties. Istrian cuisine is praised by world- renowned gourmets and it is often a matter of discussion in television shows worldwide. Let your taste buds get carried away with the seasonal delicacies you can try during your stay in one of the many local restaurants and taverns.

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Fish and Seafood

Sea cleanliness, high salinity and oxygen levels, result in a high demand of freshly caught fish and seafood in restaurants and taverns in this region. Namely, fishing has always been an integral part of Istrian life.

World famous chefs about Istrian cuisine

Many world-renowned chefs are delighted with delicacies of Istrian cuisine. Our cuisine is often a topic of cooking television shows and Internet blogs. Istrian cuisine is well balanced and is a synonym of a healthy diet.


Istria’s gourmet kitchen would be unthinkable without the potato shaped mushrooms (truffles) that grow underground. Istria is particularly known for white truffles that grow in a shady forest, at the foot of Motovun. Truffles, especially white, have a special smell and a precious, special taste. You simply must try Istrian pasta (so called fuži or pljukanci) with truffles, fish with white truffles, steak with grated truffles or excellent chocolate cakes with olive oil and truffles.

Istrian dry-cured ham (prosciutto)

Cold dishes, like local cheeses, dry-cured Istrian ham and bull salami, which is a sort of indigenous Istrian cattle, are Istrian specialties. Istrian dry-cured ham is a moderately salty aromatic delicacy, seasoned with special spices and dried in the cold wind (bura). It is a typical product of the highest quality that bares the designation of origin for it does not contain any health hazardous additives. Since it is not smoked, it does not contain any hazardous ingredients. It has a particular flavour and smell due to the mixture of natural spices, pepper, bay leaves, rosemary and garlic. Pair it with exquisite Istrian wines, relax and enjoy your meal.

Istrian wines

Reflecting the diversity of Istrian climate and soil, Istrian wines make part of the Istrian identity. The best known wine variety in Istria is Istrian Malvasia, followed by Teran, sweet Istrian Muscat, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Go for an adventure through indigenous Istria; take a wine road, visit wine cellars where you can taste various types of wine. As an appetizer, you must try Istrian honey brandy, a traditional drink made of local honey and brandy.

Olive oil

Olive oil is a symbol of the Mediterranean, a gastronomic delight and extremely valuable source of fat, also used as a medicine and a body care product. Since ancient times, the world's best olive oil types have been produced in Istria. Search for olive oil roads and have a taste of the unique bitter taste of so called buža, istarska bjelica, črnica and other local varieties.

Food delights under the bell

Our ancestors used to prepare food under the bell since ancient times, whether fish, meat or bread on open fire, in an iron or a clay pot. This form of traditional food preparation has been preserved to date and represents the very best cooking method used in Istrian cuisine. Octopus, sea bream, lamb or veal prepared under the bell with a side dish. You name it, and enjoy your meal!

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